Yasir Abbas

Yasir Abbas


Yasir Abbas

Show Time

9 to 10pm (Mon-Wed)

Celebrity Crush

Keira Knightley

Inspired by

Robert De Niro

All time favourite song

The Mask of Zoro (Movie Soundtrack)

What would be your super power

I would love to have the superpowers of “Flash”

Worst smelling place you have been to

A cricket ground near Oxfordshire… it was right next to a Cattle Farm and I had to play 50 overs match. I still don’t know.. how I survived… 🤔

Your most despised dish

Aubergine… doesn’t matter how it’s cooked…

What do you hate the most

Two faced people

What will you take to a deserted island

My mobile phone 😊😊

The weirdest question you have been asked

It was soooo weird that, it can’t be repeated… 🤐

Dumbest way you have been injured

Cricket injury… just before the match… can’t share the details because… even the thought of that injury hurts… ouch…

The worst purchase you ever did

DVD Camcorder… the technology didn’t even last a year… 😏

A message to your fans

Love you all… ❤❤❤

Your most annoying habit

I trust everyone… until proven otherwise.

Your favourite book

“A brief history of time” by Stephen Hawking