RJ Sahir

RJ Sahir


RJ Sahir

Show Time

5-7pm Sat- Sun

Celebrity Crush

Mahira Khan, Sushmita Sen

Inspired by

My father has always inspired me. While in terms of learning the craft, Mr Shahrukh Khan has always inspired me to achieve whatever I want.

All time favourite song

I love music, no matter how ancient or how modern it’s. Favourite kind would still be Rock, R&B

What would be your super power

I believe it would have been Superman, But the idea of wearing an underwear on the top of pants, puts me off. So maybe Spider-Man

Worst smelling place you have been to

Bars, Some of the trains and Essex

Your most despised dish

Eggplant, Aubergine and Brinjal. It’s not allowed to enter my home from centuries

what do you hate the most

People 😉 Just kidding
Just the ones late every time and delayed responses on whatsapp.

What will you take to a deserted island

Books, food, food, Food and drinks
Lights, a generator, fuel for it. It’s a bad idea really 🤣🤣🤣

The weirdest question you have been asked

Why I am, The way i am?  Like who knows 🙄

Dumbest way you have been injured

Once an iron gate fell on me while opening it and For some reason I keep stubbing my toes like all the time.

The worst purchase you ever did

Once I couldn’t sleep, I went on amazon and bought an engraving machine. Never ever used it.

A message to your fans

Dream, They do come true.

Your most annoying habit


Your favourite book

Science books, and do menu books count ?


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