Popular Punjabi Songs

Everyday almost 5 new Punjabi songs are released around the world. To make life easy for the viewers, Tellt Belly has sorted them into two categories. Popular Punjabi Songs and Punjabi Latest Songs.

Youtube has been the major factor for this boom in the punjabi industry. It has provided a free platform to all unknown and known singers to showcase their songs.

Popular Punjabi Songs – Satinder Sartaj

Punjabi Folk Music

Folk music of the Punjab is the traditional music of Punjab. It is produced using traditional musical instruments like TumbiAlgozeDhaddSarangiChimta and more. There is a wide range of folk songs for every occasion from birth to death including marriage, festivals, fairs and religious ceremonies.

Bhangra and Popular Songs

Bhaṅgṛā is a type of upbeat popular music associated with the Punjabi diaspora in South AsiaEurope and North America. The genre originated from the British Punjabi community in England during the late 20th century.

Contemporary Punjabi music

Over the past 75 years, Punjabi music has seen some major changes. In the pre-Independence era, “Punjabi” identity had yet to play a major role in recorded music. By the 1960s, music had formed a concise idea of Punjab. with which its cosmopolitan audience could easily identify. By the 1990s, Punjabi identity was marked by the idea that to be Punjabi was to be global.

Punjabi Singing Sensations

One of the biggest bhangra stars of the last several decades is Malkit Singh and his band Golden Star. The band has toured 27 countries. The Queen awarded the MBE to Malkit for his services to bhangra music.

Other most popular names to mention are, the boy band SahotasHeera and Shakti. Their music is a fusion of bhangra, rock and dance.

Bhupinder Bhindi formed heera and Kumar and Dhami fronted it. The group established itself with the albums Jag Wala Mela.  Kuljit Bhamra produced this album. the other album was Diamonds from Heera, produced by Deepak Khazanchi, on Arishma records. These albums mixed Punjabi drums and Punjabi synthesizers with traditional British instruments successfully.