Welcome to Fnik Radio

Fnik Radio is a predominantly Bollywood music station. Keeping in line with the trending technologies and the explosion of Social Media, we have taken a calculated decision to create our presence online. 

Why Online?

Mobile Phones | Modren Cars | Desktops

Many people ask this question and here is an answer that is simple enough. We are online because our listeners are always online. Here are a few facts:​

  • We have approximately 2.5 Million South Asian people living in the UK Alone. A large majority of these people are into Bollywood and Bhangra music which will be our prime offering.
  • More than 90% of them are using internet daily.
  • Normal AM, FM, frequencies are limited to local access but internet is available everywhere.
  • Every mobile phone is connected to internet and apps are easily available to all.
  • Every phone talks to people’s car with ease. So even on the go listening is a breeze.
  • Most of the modern TV screen at home talk to mobile phones easily.
  • The mobile phones are becoming the “One for all Gadget”
  • Easy interaction and great sound quality.
  • All the above makes Fnik Radio a better and stronger choice as a marketing platform than the usual radio stations. 

Why Advertise on the Radio?

  • Radio is an on-the-go consumer  friendly medium
  • Radio allows an easy interaction with consumers.
  • Radio is a great brand builder and even a stronger reminder.
  • Radio advertising is cost effective
  • It can easily stand out of the crowd of media bombardment.
  • Radio’s can offer economical on location broadcast making it a popular choice.
  • It’s uniquely formatted programmes attract strong following.
  • It can bridge the gap that is left by other media options.
  • It can complement other advertising platforms too.

Boost Your Business

Advertise on Fnik Radio and give your business a boost.