Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest

Who can be our guest?

If you are an expert on any of the topics below, you can be our guest :

Immigration | Family and Commercial Law | Finance | Medical Health | Well-being | Relationships | Business | Education | Race Relations | Politics | Business.

Do I have to travel?

You do not have to travel to our studios to attend. This chat can be done via a video link and you can use any of your mobile phone, laptop or a tablet, as long as it has a mic/camera and it can be connected to the internet. It will cost you nothing. Attend our show from the comfort of your home and let the world know that you hold an expert knowledge on your topic.

Why should you do it?

If you earn your living from selling your services then sell your businesses offerings by communicating the value of your product or service to your potential customers as an expert. More people believe in you, the more you can sell.

What happens next?

Once we receive your submission, our research team will get in touch with you. They will fix the topic and date as well as explain to you how to do the interview via video link. Although it is as simple as clicking on a link that we will send you but we are there to make you fully comfortable. So whether you have done a live interview before or not, we will guide you through it so that it can be a great experience for you and the viewers.

About the Show

This life  is full of complications. Every complication gives birth to a thousand questions in our minds. People in general can not be expected to find answers to those questions themselves. So, they need a platform where experts can come and enlighten them and clear their doubts. This program aims to do just that. If someone has a question about immigration, they should find answers here. If someone wants to know what their rights are in a dispute, they will listen to this show. People need to listen to the experts and that expert could be you. We look forward to introducing you to our wider audience.

How to get in touch

Simply fill in your details below and press submit.


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