Amber Joseph

Amber Joseph


Amber Joseph

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Celebrity Crush

Salman Khan

Inspired by

Books, Positive Quotes, Women Empowerment and Children.

All time favourite song

Lag Ja Gale by Lata Mangeshkar

What would be your super power

Magic to demolish poverty t. Create Love and Peace on our planet Earth.

Worst smelling place you have been to

Cant think of any been lucky enough LOL

Your most despised dish


what do you hate the most

Lie, Hate, Intolerance and Ignorance.

What will you take to a deserted island

Magic Power to change deserted island into Paradise.

The weirdest question you have been asked

Do You Like Someone? A girl like you is SINGLE??????

Dumbest way you have been injured

Lose the control on bicycle and fall into a lake.

The worst purchase you ever did

Mac cosmetics

A message to your fans

Believe in LOVE because Life is too Short.
Time is something which we can’t STOP or bring it back.
Just enjoy the Life, cherish every moment and live fully

Your most annoying habit

Hate going in kitchen or anything to do to clean house. Too spoiled lol.

Your favourite book

The Secret from Rhonda Byrne


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